Ladbrokes betting office, coming from Great Britain, was found in 1886. Ladbrokes became synonym for betting and online playing. The first headquarters of Ladbrokes was near Strand district in London. Later, Ladbrokes moved to Hanover Square, which is also placed in London.


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First Ladbrokes customers were british aristocrats and people of higher social state. Since 1919, Helen Vernet was director of Ladrokes. End of World War II led to enormous decrease of clients. Bad economic situation after war forced owners to sell Ladbrokes to Cyril Stein for only 100 000 pounds!


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Stein only allowed people of higher social state to bet. Later he realised that this decision has bad influence on income, which could lead to end of Ladbrokes. He decidet do make a campaign for people of lower state. Cyril Stein was also first on the market, who had stabil odds on football bets. Thanks to high income, Ladbrokes started sponsorship cooperation with horse races, and this cooperation lasts until today! In 1966, Ladbrokes entered stock market with shares for 1 million pounds.


In 1994, Landbrokes found national lottery in Great Britain, and in 1995, Landbrokes value was bigger than 2 billion pounds. In 2000, Landbrokes started investments to internet games. Today, Landbrokes employs more than 16,000 people, and only in Great Britain it´s 14,000 of them. Landbrokes is on top position on the field in Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. And apart 2700 local branches it also runs internet betting.


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Landbrokes offers betting on all football leagues with bets on final score, winner of the match or half time score. Landbroke also offers double chance, odd or even number of goals or time when first goal is scored. And the offer is even bigger at European cups. Apart of previously described bets, you can bet on first goal scorers name, and also score after 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes of game. You can also bet on total sum of goals of corners.


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Another option is to bet on races. Horse races are broadcoasted live on Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes offers wide range of sports like American football or darts.At Ladbrokes you can play various types of poker – classic Texas Hold´em, but also Omaha and original Five Card Draw. Ladbrokes also makes very popular tournaments for all players. In order to play online poker or tournament, you have to visit online casino or download special software made only for Ladbrokes. It allows playing at eight tables in one time and it still runs smooth.


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You can also join Ladbrokes club. Ladbrokes offers bronze, silver or golden membership. The highest type of membership is VIP. You collect points for taking part in tournaments, bets and paid fees. Number of collected points from last month says in which group you will be put. Since you have silver or higher membership, you can exchange points for real money.


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